Business Place

These are closed cabins for use of two persons. Each person will have chair, table and provision for guests in front of them. The two persons sharing the room shall have a divider in-between them for privacy.

Virtual Office

You can use our address for your business. You get a prestigious address at the prime Business Centre besides a telephone number for your connectivity along with call answering facility within the usual office hours.Also you are provided with the facility of handling your couriers.


These are furnished cubicles with separators to give privacy to the incumbent and also space for guests so that the incumbent can chat confidential matters with their guests. Ideal for consultants to consult with their clients.

Meeting Rooms

These are small meeting rooms with 4 to 6 person seating arrangements and a table suitable for small meetings, discussion with clients and interviews. These are provided to you at affordable prices.

Private offices

You can hire a section of the workspace making it a complete private office. This concept is as good as having your own office as you are having complete individual space as per your need.