Kangana Ranaut takes a big hand for karan johar’s nepotism issue.

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut has taken stand for nepotism. she takes a hand on Karan Johar about nepotism issue. And she makes her stand clear about this matter.

One of the famous Indian show “Coffie with karan” Kangana and saif ali khan particapated on this show. On the rapid fire section Karan asked to Kangana “who has given her more unnecessary attitude” and Kangana’s answer was strange. She said “Its you karan” and she added also he is the “A flag bearer of nepotism. The movie mafia.” he canot tolarate to outsider. On that moment Karan handled that situation with light lough.

But karan could not digest this nepotism issue from Kangana’s strate reply. He had make fun with nepotism one of the award function show and he had make fun with Saif ali khan and Varun Dhawan. They told “nepotism rock” all of three are come in this industry by their parents.

In her struggling time Kangana rejected by karan many times. karan makes fun with her English.
In general star kid get more advantage and they get chance easily. After flop movies they are re-lunched but in comparision outsiders existing story is bitter truth. They dont get proper chance or not get proper appreciation of their talent. As a outsiders it is more difficult start their career and move.

After 10 years of struggle Kangana Ranaut has win 3 times national award. she known as superstar of Bollywood Queen now. This journey was not so easy in her career.

Lots of bollywood actor and actress supported to Kangana’s nepotism controversy. They appreciated Kangana’s statement.