• Reader's Spotlight – Jhilmil shares a few of her favorite things!

    This edition of Reader’s Spotlight features a fellow bengali and a blogger who recently returned from Belgium to India. Dear ladies, put your hands together for Jhilmil, a blogger and content writer who recently started her own beauty blog by the name of Beauty & Beyond .  Jhilmil stays in Mumbai with her husband and like … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Denise Shares Her favorite University Outfit

    I’m doing a Reader’s Spotlight after a very long time and it sure feels good to write about someone else other than myself on the blog :). For all of you who are not aware, I have a section on the blog where I feature you, my readers. I want to know what you love…What is … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Tej Reviews her 6 Favorite Lipsticks

    Today’s guest post is by Tejinder aka Tej, who definitely does not need much introduction. She is someone who we have come to know and love for her sweet nature and great reviews. Tej is originally from Punjab, now living in the UK for the past 5 yrs with her family. Like all of us, … Continue rea More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Ruby Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things!

    Ladies and Gentlemen (if any!) put your hands together to welcome a newbie blogger in our midst. Her name is Ruby Parmar, originally from Punjab but now residing in a place very near to my city, Kharagpur. Ruby’s husband is a doctor in the Indian army, who sponsored his P.G in IIT Kharagpur and that is … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Ritu Talks About Her Love Affair with Diamonds

    This week’s spotlight is on Ritu Rajput, a fellow blogger and someone who has become a good friend over the last couple of months. I remember before I started my own blog, I used to read her’s regularly because of the dusky beauty similarity :)..Ritu writes at http://www.theindianbeauty.com/ and it’s still one of the blogs I read … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Namitha Shares A Few of Her Favorites

    Today’s spotlight is on a fellow blogger whose Life is a Fairytale and she, its beautiful Princess :)..I’m sure you have guessed from the post heading who I’m talking about. Yep, it’s our very own, Namitha who writes at http://lifeisafairytale-mithy.blogspot.in/. Namitha is a 19 yr old Computer Science and Engineering student from Bangalore. She is an … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Prachi Reviews Her Favorite Lipstick!

    Today’s spotlight is on Prachi, a beautiful newbie blogger who writes about her love of all things related to skincare and makeup at http://luminousha.wordpress.com. Prachi lives in Bangalore and has always been very interested in trying out new beauty products and it is this interest that led to the creation of her blog, Luminousha .She is … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Apoorva Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things

    This week’s spotlight is on a cute and bubbly newbie blogger, Apoorva, a.ka Appu who writes at http://apoorvathinks.blogspot.in. She is a 22 yrs old software engineer and has become so addicted to blogging that she even does it at times from office (I totally get the addicted part Appu..if only my office didn’t block all the social networking … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Nivedita Shares Her Top 5 Beauty Tips

    This week the spotlight is on a fellow newbie blogger, Nivedita, who writes at http://indianbelle.blogspot.in/. Nivedita is a treasure trove of knowledge related to natural and herbal beauty products and in her blog, writes about their benefits. Her biggest influences have been her maternal grandmother who inculcated the importance of using natural products in skin care … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Anj shares a Few of Her Favorite Things!

    Hey Pretties This week’s spotlight is on Anj, a fellow newbie blogger and a passionate makeup lover from Canada who writes at  http://www.akamakeup.com/. Anj is a healthcare professional who recently started her blog on product reviews and makeup tips with the encouragement of her sisters and husband. She loves the color pink (Same pinch Anj!) and when … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Swati Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things

                                                                    This week’s spotlight is on a gorgeous fellow newbie blogger, Swati, who writes about beauty, makeup, health and some abstract thoughts at ‘serendipitybyswatir.wordpress.com‘ More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Gwen @ Makeup Toys Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things

    Gwen at Work! Let’s put our hands together and welcome the amazingly talented and beautiful Gwen from Makeup Toys to our midst this week! Gwen works as a full time Makeup Artist in Singapore and loves talking about all things beauty related. She says that the best part about her job is the opportunity to meet wonderful artistic … More..

  • Reader's Spotlight – Kate a.k.a Sleepingbootay Shares a Few of Her Favorite Things

                                              Today’s spotlight is on an adorable fellow blogger, Kate, author of  http://sleepingbootay.wordpress.com/. Kate is from Ireland and describes herself as a 21 year old graduate and beauty blogger who spends far too much time playing … More..