• How to get rid of glitter stains from clothes – Tips from Surf Excel

    For a special night out, you can’t really go wrong with glitter. Glitter make-up looks great and is a real eye catcher. But whether you dazzle with glittery nail polish, make your eyes sparkle with glitter eyeshadow, or take that cat eye look to the next level with glitter eyeliner – as soon as the … More..

  • Avon Winter Makeup Tips by Neha Khanna

    Sunday Brunch Look To get the look right, it is essential to use compact or loose powder to set the foundation and control oil Use Avon Glimmerstick Diamond Eyeliner – Twilight sparkle and create a thick/thin liner, depending on your preference Smudge the liner to get an eye shadow effect followed by Super Extended Extreme mascara … More..

  • Care for your Lips – all day with Elle 18!

    Ever wondered how Anushka Sharma manages to flash that beautiful, captivating smile every time she faces the camera?  If your eyes are magical, let your lips cast a spell too! Caring for lips is the most important beauty regime that every girl must follow throughout the day.  Due to exposure to pollution, dust, stress and … More..

  • Tips on how to take care of a Make-up kit from Megha Puri, Make-up Artist

    1) Wash your brushes– Brushes are prime breeding ground for bacteria. If you wash  your face regularly, makeup residue from applying makeup ends up on your brushes. You don’t need to wash them daily but once per week put all your brushes in a large jar or glass and fill it with water. Add 1 tsp. … More..

  • Glam up your eyes for every occasion with FACES Cosmetics

    Eyes being one of the most important features of the face, it requires the same importance while doing your makeup. So let your eyes attract all the attention in the coming party season. Bring perfection to your makeup by beautifully done eyes with FACES cosmetics. Start with applying a thin coat of Eye primer from … More..

  • Look Picture Perfect this Valentine’s Day with Estée Lauder

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you are still undecided on what makeup look to go for, fret not coz Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director of Estee Lauder has some tips specially for you. Here goes.. Fun, Flirty, Girly For the face, use the new Invisible Fluid Makeup for a soft, natural matte look, … More..

  • Have a Kiss of Colour from Clinique this Valentine's Day

    Have a Kiss of Colour! Make lips the main attraction for Valentine’s Day by layering textures, adding dimension and a gentle iridescence. Get lips all dressed up and ready to shine for Valentine’s Day with luscious shades of Pink and Red. Clinique’s Global Colour Artist Jenna Menard explains how. Perfectly Prepped “Lip prep and application is … More..

  • Party Makeup in 10 Mins – How I Do It

    If I have to rush out to a party specially after office and don’t have a lot of time, this is the routine I’m following right now and the products that I’m currently using.  1. Clean face – My favorite is the Kara Makeup Removal Wipes with seaweed and lavender. I love this because it’s really … More..

  • Camouflaging + Covering Dark Circles – A great tip by Jessica Harlow!

    Hey Pretties I already shared with you that Jessica Harlow is one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus simply because her tutorials and tips are so easy to follow and they really work. Sometime back, I was watching a video where she shows how to camouflage and cover dark circles and she gave a great … More..

  • When Should You Trash Your Makeup?

    I was going through my stash of makeup a couple of days back and realised that I’ve had quite a few products for a pretty long time. A foundation actually goes back 3 years! Not that I use all the products regularly, but sometimes I am guilty of applying lipstick and blush which are a … Continue reading More..

  • Makeup for Girls Who Hate Makeup

    Some weeks back, I was having a conversation with some girls in a party and after a while the conversation veered towards clothes and makeup. One of them when she got to know about my blog, said ” I really hate applying makeup coz I feel really uncomfortable putting it on my face. The only … Continue reading More..

  • Want To Contour Your Face Like a Pro? Learn From a Pro!

    I am a big makeup enthusiast but something that I’ve never been able to do very well is contour my face. My knowledge in this department is pretty basic and I’ve always wanted to know the right technique of highlighting and contouring to make my face look thinner and much more defined. I’m sure you … More..

  • Bought a Too Light Foundation? Tips on How To Make It Work

    “Oh No…What a waste of money!..I look like a ghost wearing this foundation. Damn that SA at the counter..she sweet talked me into buying this color and now I’m stuck with it. Arghhh.. now I’ll need to think of how to get rid of this and again have to buy another one“! Sounds familiar? I … More..

  • 6 Makeup Tips You Haven't Heard Before

    Hey PrettiesI was reading an article today on the ‘never before revealed’ secrets of some famous makeup artists and just had to share them with you. They do appear slightly bizarre but apparently the MUAs swear by these tricks. The ones listed below are those that I found interesting and worth trying out. Read on … More..