• Born Pretty Store Revolving Girl Loose Blush 04 – Review, Swatches

    Born Pretty Store is an amazing online store that sells affordable nail art supplies, fashion accessories, jewelry, clothes, makeup brushes, makeup etc. Last month I received a few makeup items for review and I’ve already written what I thought of the Dannii makhmali eye shadow palette and the Frozen Eye shadow. From the eyes, we … More..

  • Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blushes Soft Peach and Pink Glow – Review, Swatches

    Oriflame Studio Artist cream blushes are the current rage and after trying them out, I know why there are rave reviews everywhere. I’ve always shied away from cream blushes because they can be really difficult to blend and that’s where the Oriflame product scores majorly. These are not really like the traditional cream blushes but … More..

  • Accessorize Bronzing Block Shade 3 – Review, Swatch

    One of my favorite stores to shop accessories from is Accessorize, the very popular UK brand that makes some amazing bags, jewelry and other nick knacks. The stores in India don’t stock their makeup range but they do have a wide variety of products from lipsticks, glosses to blushes, powders, mascaras etc in very cute … More..

  • My Collection of Blushes

    I’m right now going through a major ‘I love blush’ phase so been buying them like crazy. Strangely, I’ve never been attracted to blushes and its only been a year that I’ve discovered how awesome these can make one look. The first blush I ever bought was MAC’s Peaches and it still is the one … Cont More..

  • Sleek Makeup Blush in Flamingo – Review and Swatches

    In terms of lip color, I love to experiment. Neon pink, blood red, bright coral, intense orange.. I’ve tried them all and absolutely love these colors on me. In terms of blushes, I was a big bore till sometime back sticking only to neutrals. No experimentation whatsoever. But then I started reading all the wonderful blogs and the … More..